Orphanage children were thus acquainted with science in an entertaining way


In 2012, the Credit Union House helped to organize an educational and recreational event for the children from the Maarjamäe Center of the Tallinn Children’s Home.

The event included a performance by Erich Udras, one of the most famous illusionists in Estonia. His routine was not only entertaining but also informative, because the great magician and conjurer showed the audience scientific and educational tricks in which mysticism and science were woven together. To tell the truth, it was difficult to say where exactly where the border between science and magic was situated. In any case, the happiness of the young audience was the main thing.

“Our company will definitely continue the tradition of charity projects aimed at helping those who need our support the most. We want to ensure that everyone in life has a place for achievements and holidays,” commented Maksim Sorokin, a board member of the Credit Union House.

The Maarjamäe Center of the Tallinn Children’s Home is the SOS Children’s Village, where children of different ages live in ten family houses, along with buildings for the manager, a guest room and a workshop. The mission of the Tallinn Children’s Home is to create a healthy and stable environment and to offer professional assistance to children and adolescents without parental care, families who are experiencing financial difficulties, and families who have children with disabilities.