Celebration in the Maarjamäe Centre of the Tallinn Orphanage

As a real estate company, we understand perfectly how important it is for every person to have a home. That is why we don’t only want to provide residents of this country with affordable housing, but we also try to brighten up the lives of those can only dream of home comfort. For many years in a row, we have been supporting children from orphanages, providing them with items necessary for everyday living and studying.

On September 30, member of our company’s board, Maksim Sorokin, organized a celebration for the children from the Maarjamäe Centre of the Tallinn Orphanage. The young Tallinn citizens received brand-new colourful school bags, bright sketchpads, notebooks and markers – in other words, they got everything they needed to give them a good start at school. In addition, the amazing tricks and unforgettable fire show performed by a professional illusionist brought a great deal of laughter and smiles. The atmosphere of the celebration was enhanced with the aroma of fresh pastries and fragrant tea. This was a special event for the children, who often lack the warmth of a family home.