Kaidi Kivioia: “I have tasted the flavour of the Olympics – and this is just the beginning!”


Triathlete Kaidi Kivioja, whom we support, took 44th place at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. According to the 23-year-old athlete, she was pleased with her Olympic debut and plans on improving her performance at the following Olympic Games.

Kaidi Kivioja – who admits that swimming is normally the hardest part for her – said that this leg of the competition, which took place on the Copacabana beach, turned out to be easier than she expected. “I was extremely satisfied with the swimming race. When I came out of the water, the leading group was not far ahead, I could see them,” said Kaidi. According to the athlete, the beginning of the cycling leg actually turned out to be the most challenging part of the competition. “I feel like I still lack a bit of endurance – it took me some time to fall into the right rhythm,” the athlete says. Before stepping onto the running track, she was five and a half minutes behind the leader. “At the end of the race, I was overtaken by the Spaniard, but by that time I could not help it – I had done everything I could and had nothing to be ashamed of. A couple of years ago, if someone had said that I would even go to the Olympics, people would have laughed at them,” said Kaidi Kivioja.

According to the chairman of the board, Maksim Sorokin, the company’s objective has always been to support the development of sports and young people’s prospects; so the achievements of this young Estonian athlete are a cause for rejoicing. “We have always believed in Kaidi, she is going to have a brilliant sports career. I have no doubt that she will achieve outstanding results at the next Olympics and come back home with a medal,” said Maksim Sorokin.

Kaidi Kivioja said that the emotions associated with participating in the Olympics were so powerful that she is now planning to take part in at least two or three more Olympic Games. “I am 23 now, and all the high-level athletes are around 30. Kaidi shared her impressions of the Olympics: “I am 23 now, and all the high-level athletes are around 30. Now I am starting to understand what the Olympic Games are all about. It is a completely different feeling being an Olympic athlete.” The athlete is planning to focus more on swimming in the future. Kaidi is going to discuss her future performance with her coach and draw up a training plan.