Thanks to our support, finding missing people will be easier


During the spring and summer of 2017, we contributed towards the Kadunud SA fund; this organization has been helping to organize and conduct search operations for eight years. As a result of this cooperation, the workers of the fund were able to upgrade the professional equipment necessary for carrying out search operations, as well as to hold a training course for pre-schoolers.

In particular, they were able to develop an underwater camera that would be used to search ponds and small lakes. Professional divers from Tartu Maremark Club worked as technical experts, controlling the process of assembling the camera.

In addition, a new generator was purchased, the technical characteristics of which are compliant with the requirements of the Estonian Rescue Board. Furthermore, a special metal detector was ordered, which allows the detection of metal parts of clothing even in areas with impenetrable sludge.

Finally, on July 5, a training course for pre-schoolers, dedicated to safety issues in nature, took place in a children’s camp, organized by the Rescue Board in Soomaa. Based on the lectures delivered during this event, an educational video will be produced and distributed in schools in the near future.

In Estonia dozens of people go missing each year, from children to the elderly. Frequently, official agencies lack financial and human resources and thus cannot conduct large-scale search operations; as a result, search operations are organized by relatives of the missing people. That is why it is so important to us to support civil society organizations, which provide help to the desperate families searching for their missing loved ones.