The Credit Union House group of companies support children with special needs


Since 2018, Credit Union House have provided financial support to the non-profit organization “Eriline Maailm” (Special World), which aims at helping children with special needs.

This summer we supported the filming of the social video called “I can”, which was designed to draw public attention to the problems of children with special needs, as well as to help people reconsider modern society’s attitude towards these children. Video

The leaders of “Special World” are no strangers to the problems that parents of special needs children have to face, since they have had to deal with all those problems firsthand. They speak about it pretty frankly: They speak about it pretty frankly: “Unfortunately, children with disabilities are still often seen as weak and helpless in our society; they are considered unable or even unworthy of learning, playing and making friends with ordinary children. Let us change this mindset; let us show them how many things our “special children” can actually do! Even that is not the limit. All that these children and their families need is society’s unconditional acceptance and willingness to understand that children with disabilities also deserve love, friendship and recognition, like every one of us.”

The non-profit organization “Special World” has been operating for five years, bringing together about 500 families with special needs children. It regularly hosts parents’ club meetings, seminars, lectures and meetings with experts. The volunteers working at “Special World” also provide psychological and informational support to “special children’s” parents.

This year MTÜ Eriline Maailm was awarded the title of Civil Society Leader of the Year. The award ceremony was held in the Parliament of the Republic of Estonia. The award was presented by Agu Laius, Head of the National Foundation of Civil Society (KÜSK).

Credit Union House also regularly provide help to orphans. For example, in 2017, with the assistance of the “Minu Unistuste Päev” charity foundation, we helped to bring the little patients’ dreams to life. In 2015, with our support, the orphans from the Haiba orphanage and the boarders of the Viimsi family home attended the “Pippi Longstocking” production at the Estonia National Opera. In 2014, school supplies were purchased for the children from the Maarjamäe Centre of the Tallinn Children’s Home; we also organized an illusionist to entertain them. In 2013, we donated a number of household appliances to the Mustamäe Centre for Infants and Children with Disabilities of the Tallinn Children’s Home. In 2012, we helped to organize an educational and recreational event for the children from the Maarjamäe Centre of the Tallinn Children’s Home.

Credit Union House group focus their sponsorship on youth and sports.