“Special World’s” celebration: Christmas is a time of miracles and gifts

On Saturday, January 12, children and their parents gathered at the children’s charity Christmas tree at the Center for Russian Culture to see a performance, make things with their hands and have some fun. Gifts produced with the support of Credit Union House were also available.

In the New Year period of hope and expectation the Credit Union House annually tries to make the holiday magic reach as many children as possible. This year, the company supported the organisation of a children’s party. On January 12, the Union of the National and Cultural Societies “Lüüra” and the NGO “Special World” arranged a traditional charity Christmas tree by having united children for a joint meeting to celebrate the New Year together; they also provided the opportunity to participate in a program for children with special needs.

Almost 300 children enjoyed the performers at the Heart-to-Heart concert, and then, together with their parents, they watched a New Year’s performance from the theatre group Junost and merrily danced together with the real Ded Moroz and his helper Snegurochka. During the party, a variety of fascinating and therapeutic craft workshops were also available. A troupe of friendly elves handed out the gifts. Children received fun and educational playing cards instead of the customary bags of candy. All the costs related to the gifts were covered by our company.

Credit Union House is pleased to state that, alongside its core business, it has the opportunity to collaborate with non-profit organizations, orphanages, children’s hospitals and children in need, in order to bring some joy to their childhood.